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Excellence in Business Leadership – Ken Blanchard – 1 of 6

1. Ken Blanchard runs his own company called ‘The Ken Blanchard Companies’. He is the ‘Chief Spiritual Officer’ of his company since he believes that there always has to be a spiritual foundation for leadership.

2. His mission is to be a loving teacher of simple truths which awaken God in people.

3. Leadership is about unleashing in people the power for the greater good.

4. Ego is the biggest problem in business. The main motivator for the employee is the relationship between the employer and employee.

5. The jungle is territorial, vicious, and competitive. At best we can say that we are intelligent animals. But we are more than that . We can choose between the flesh and the spirit. Animals can’t do that.

6. The best companies are family owned, value – driven companies.

7. Effective leadership starts from the inside. We need to ask ourselves ‘Why am I a leader ?’ ‘Am I here to serve or be served ?’ What I will do is dependent on how I answer these questions.

8. Without people you are nothing.

9. If you are serving for your own benefit you will not be able to pull it off. People will see through the façade.

10. There is no difference between the Brain and the Computer. Both don’t know the difference between the truth and what you tell them. Because what you tell them becomes the truth.

11. You can never be better than what you tell yourself you are. One needs to tell oneself that one is fabulous and behave as if one is fabulous.

12. We need to celebrate in organizations. What do we focus on ? Catching people doing things wrong or catching people doing things right.

13. We could begin meetings with narrating all the good things which have happened between the last meeting and this one.

14. The 4 things to focus on for attaining ‘Excellence in Leadership’ are :

* Set your sights on the right target and vision. Half of leadership is Vision.
* Treat your customers right.
* Treat your people right.
* Build the right kind of leadership.

15. We need to have customers who are our ‘Raving fans’. The best advertising is to treat customers well. They become our advertisers.