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Sometimes when we do re-index in magento, it shows error like “Can’t initialize indexer process”. And this error occurs while re-indexing “Product Prices”, than you can’t able to save product from admin too.

To resolve the above error you need to run below query. Probably it removes only 1 record.
This solution was taken from Magento forum. Here is the direct link:

DELETE cpop.* FROM catalog_product_option_price AS cpop
INNER JOIN catalog_product_option AS cpo
ON cpo.option_id = cpop.option_id
cpo.type = ‘checkbox’ OR
cpo.type = ‘radio’ OR
cpo.type = ‘drop_down’;DELETE cpotp.* FROM catalog_product_option_type_price AS cpotp
INNER JOIN catalog_product_option_type_value AS cpotv
ON cpotv.option_type_id = cpotp.option_type_id
INNER JOIN catalog_product_option AS cpo
ON cpotv.option_id = cpo.option_id
cpo.type  ‘checkbox’ AND
cpo.type  ‘radio’ AND
cpo.type  ‘drop_down’; 

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Bijal Bhavsar